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What you need to pay attention to posting ads on our site

Prohibited Products
Second-hand health and beauty products (pharmaceuticals, health foods, food supplements, cosmetics).
Substance abuse substances (alcohol, tobacco, electronic cigarettes, drugs), as well as production equipment.
Certain types of weapons: pistols, airsoft guns, cannon rifles, bows.
Electric cigarettes.
Some chemicals such as mercury.
Markarin products such as clothing, bags, watches, jewelry and other accessories, and copies of computer games, software, movies and music, as well as counterfeit products and the like.
Second underwear and swimsuits.
Parking permits.
Email addresses, phone numbers.
Subscription and invitations to web pages (eg Spotify, Voddler, porn sites)
Player Accounts (eg MineCraft, NoHacker, etc.)
Radio or TV recordings, passwords, crackers, etc.
Dealership transactions
Products designed to unlock mobile phones are SIM lock breakers.
Game mod chips and other devices jailbreak consoles.
Illegal copies of weapons.
Laser marking (exceeding 1 mW)
All Kinds of Products Prohibited by Tc Laws
Forbidden services
home help.
Betting Tips.
Foresight, horoscopes.
Health services such as massage.
SMS Services.
Internet Shopping.
All kinds of services contrary to the laws of the Republic of Turkey
and verbs
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